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What is artificial intelligence?

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— We Create Enterprise Intelligence with Intelligence for You. —

We Are Think Tank for Hire to Solve Your Problems

We have Answers to Your Engineering, Information Technology, Robotics, E-Commerce, Research & Development Problems.

  • We can help you buy a laptop or an Industry 4.0 Compliance Robot/Cobot
  • We can develop a custom Website or an Industrial/Enterprise level Artificial Intelligence that serves your need.

About Us


We Create Enterprise Intelligence with Intelligence for You

We are Creative Team of Scientists and Engineers Developing Technologies to Solve Your Problems.
A Team with Passion to Bring Artificial Intelligence at Your Door Step.

Innovative Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Industrial Automation 4.0
  • Data Science & Business Intelligence
  • Research & Development

Our team consists of scientists and engineers who are highly qualified having extensive research & development experience to develop solutions for complex problems that requires solution development using scientific methodology and implementation using a systems engineering approach.

Conventional Technologies

Mature solutions and technologies are evergreen and they are your needs; regardless of the size and the domain in which your organization is working. Our seasoned team is a call away to provide you off-the-shelf or customized solutions for your desktop, mobile, web, embedded system, IoT or cloud platforms.

  • Cloud-based System Development
  • Web Site Development
  • E-Commerce Applications
  • IoT and Embedded System Development
  • Software Development
  • Networking Solutions

Value-added Services

We are here for you and want to become your first and only choice. In addition to our engineering services we are also providing

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Training
  • Store: Order a laptop or a robot

No matter what your question is we will try to become your answer.

— We Create Enterprise Intelligence with Intelligence for You. —

Our Mission

NeoCog’s mission is to support our clients by providing the engineering and information technology-based off-the-shelf and custom build solutions for their day-to-day problems and first to offer them state-of-the-art custom solutions based on artificial intelligence, robotics and associated emerging technologies to transform their industries to industry 4.0 & beyond; their enterprises to cognitive enterprises by transforming their workplaces into the collaborative workplace where humans and machines work together in synergy to their potential in problem-solving, innovation and achieving organizational objectives and KPIs. Besides, improving our capability and capacity to help ourselves and our clients to achieve their & our mission.


Our Collaborators are our strength. If and when required they are willing to assist us to help you. Our collaborators are both from academia and industry.

  • Services Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd
  • Techno Craft Services
  • X-Tech
  • EDVON Robotics
  • Intelligent Machines & Robotics, COMSATS


Research is our bloodline. We believe that we cannot achieve our vision and mission unless and until it is not backed by basic and applied research. We invite and welcome research scholars to Join us and let's build

"Artificial Intelligence for All"

  • Scientific Research
  • Business Research
  • Sponsored Research
  • Opensource Research


Keeping our promises regarding giving you artificial intelligence that fits your need. We introduce "NiHA" to you. NiHA is our research in artificial general intelligence and machine consciousness. She possess level 3 consciousness.

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  • I am NiHA.
  • I am pleased to meet.
  • Please visit me.
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  • COVID19 Solutions
  • Software Development & Digital Marketing
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • Industrial/Business Research
  • Face Recogition based Attendance System
  • Employee Activity Monitoring
  • Workplace Safety
  • COVID19: Social Distancing
  • COVID19: Are You Wearing a Mask
  • and more...


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.
The Brains Behind NeoCog.

Dr. Wajahat Mahmoood Qazi

Dr. Wajahat M. Qazi
Ph.D. (Machine Consciousness)

Sami Akhter

Sami Akhter
Chief Information Officer

Khalil Ahmad

Dr. Khalil Ahmad
Ph.D. (Artificial Intelligence)
Chief Enterprise Intelligence Officer

Tanweer Bukhari

Tanweer Bukhari
MS (Artificial Intelligence)
Chief Technology Officer, &

Imran Nizami

Imran Nizami
Co-Founder & Chief Operations &
Human Resource Officer

Uzair Ahmed

Uzair Ahmed
Consultant, Cybersecurity
Right-hand Cybersecurity,Singapore

Arfan Manzoor

Arfan Manzoor
Middle East & Asia - Liaison
Core Metals F.Z.E. Operations Manager - Middle East & Asia


Industrial Automation/Engineering

Muhammad Qaisar Saleem

Muhammad Qaisar Saleem
Tax Consultant
Umair Tax Associates (Pvt) Ltd

Advisory Board

Abdul Wahab Gill

Abdul Wahab Gill
President & CEO
Services Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd

Muhammad Azam

Muhammad Azam
Chairman & CEO
Circuit Computer
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Yasar Ayaz

Dr. Yasar Ayaz
Ph.D. (Robotics)
Chairman, National Center of Artificial Intelligence, NUST

Dr. Suleman Aziz Lodhi

Dr. Suleman Aziz Lodhi
Post-Doc Knowledge Management
Fellow Royal Society of Arts, UK

Ali Arsal Raza

Ali Arsal Raza
Managing Director
Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd


VP Engineering, Ecologix
Consultant, Punjab Agri. Res. Board
Consultant, Lahore Race Club

Eng Dr. Muftooh ur Rehman

Eng Dr. Muftooh ur Rehman
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Associate Prof., CECOS
CEO, X-Tech

Saleem Zubair Ahmad

Saleem Zubair Ahmad
MS Software Engineering
Quality Circle Head, NEO TV
Ex Enterprise Architect, IT & Telecom Ministry

Abdul Hanan

Abdul Hanan
CTO, Red Signal
Consultant, SBM Global, Qatar
Consultant, Pujab Agri Res. Board

Prof. Dr. Saleem Khan

Prof. Dr. Saleem Khan
Ph.D. (Agent Control Systems)
Rector, NCBA&E

Our Team and You

We Do Artificial Intelligence
We Do Robotics
We Do Data Analysis
We Do Business Reseach
We Do Industry 4.0
We Provide Consultancies
We Train

— We Intend to Help Your Business Achieve Its Mission by transforming Your enterprise to cognitive enterprise. An enterprise with a safe and collaborative workplace where Your humans and Your machines work together in synergy up to their potential towards achieving Your organization's goals. —

Lets Collaborate and Help Each Other Towards Our Goals.

We have the capacity and capability to design solutions for your factory/enterprise in following domains. All solutions provided are capped solutions and can easily be integrated with existing systems.


We Are Here For You

We offer wide range of services and products.


AI is about transforming the information and knowledge into profit by adding cognitive capabilities into your processes. Such processes can help you to get or stay ahead of your competition.

AI can help you do the following and more.

  • Answer Customers Question 24/7 Using Chatbots and Virtual Characters
  • Sales Team Automation using Intelligent Analytics and Predictions
  • Free Up Your HR and Management Resources through Automation
  • Predict Customer behavior

We are offering a wide range of custom build solutions for your business as per your need. All solutions provided have multimodal accessibility through the web, mobile and desktop platforms.

Automation 4.0 (I4.0)

Is your factory future proof?

Lets us help you improve productivity, efficiency, agility and innovation by build custom solutions that fit your need.

With I4.0 solutions you can increase the speed of innovation and transform your processes to consumer-centered. Also, enabling the industrial setup not only for product engineering but also for knowledge engineering and circular engineering.

The following are I4.0 use cases for your factory but limited to.

  • Quality Checks
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Environmental and Workplace Safety
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Human-Robot Collaborative Automation


  • Data Analytics using Statistical and Data Mining Models
  • Business and Industrial Research
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Consultancy


We offer the following training programs.

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Robot Programming using ROS
  • Robot Programming using Webot
  • Industrial Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • STEM Education


  • Robot Inventory System for Warehouses
  • Face Recognition & Biometric Attendance System
  • Uniform Violation Identification
  • Worker Performance Monitoring and Safety Violation Identification
  • Worker Activity Recognition and Benchmarking
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Computer Vision-based Quality Inspection
  • Computer Vision Posture Recognition for Worker Health and Safety
  • Robot Inventory Control
  • Robot Pick and Place Application
  • Robot Stacking and De-stacking Application
  • Robot Palletizing Application
  • Industrial and Warehouse Mobile Robot Application
We Are Developers
We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Engineers
We Are Creative
We Are Researchers

Our Process

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